evaLIGHT plus

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evaLIGHT plus EV-1500 cools, humidifies and cleans the air around you, helping you create your own personal feel-good atmosphere.

Cooling effect through evaporation

evaLIGHT plus reproduces the natural cooling effect that occurs through evaporation. Conventional air conditioning systems only generate a powerful current of cool, dry air.

Humidifies dry air

evaLIGHT plus humidifies the air and ensures a pleasant atmosphere. The mineral fibre cartridge prevents deposits building up inside the device.

Cleans the air around you

evaLIGHT plus filters the smallest dust particles from the air. Clean air makes breathing easier and increases the efficiency of body and mind.

Your personal microclimate

evaLIGHT plus can be used in many ways, whether at home, in a caravan, in a boat or in the office. Enjoy your own personal feel-good microclimate anywhere. The natural cooling effect created by evaporation works over an area of approx. 2.5 m².

No installation; simple operation

Just plug it in and off you go! All you need is a power socket and water to immediately enjoy the cooling effect. With an external battery (USB battery pack) evaLIGHT plus can also be operated on the go.

Contains no freon.

  • Cools

    Uses the natural evaporative cooling effect to lower the air temperature.

  • Humidifies

    Humidifies the air, creating a better working environment – even in winter.

  • Cleans

    Filters dust particles from the air, improving the local air quality.

  • Portable

    Compact and handy design, can be used anywhere, on the go with a USB power supply.

  • Efficient

    Up to 8 hours of continuous operation per tank filling, with a low power consumption of only 10 W.

  • Environmentally friendly

    No toxic freon-like liquids. Completely biodegradable evaporation pads.

  • Your own personal microclimate

    Whether at home, in the caravan, in the boat or in the office – you can enjoy your own personal feel-good microclimate anywhere within an area of approx. 3 m².

  • Naturally cool

    Air conditioners often cause the body to cool down quickly. evapolar cools gently so that your body can adapt to the change in temperature.

  • Mobile and independent

    Just plug it in and off you go! Evapolar can be operated anywhere with a USB power supply.

evaCHILL 109,90 

  • One button control
  • One colour lighting
  • 800 ml water tank
  • 3-8 h working time until refill
  • Сoverage area: bis 2,5 m²
  • Cooling power: 100-350 W (340-1200 BTU/h)
  • Volumetric flow rate: 83,4 m³/h
  • Noise level: 25-50 dB
  • Energy consumption: 7,5 W
  • Power supply: USB Type C (5 V, 2 A)
  • Size: 170x170x172 mm
  • Net weight: 750 g
  • Model no. EV-500
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evaLIGHT plus 179,90 

  • Touchscreen, control wheel
  • RGB lighting
  • Sleep Timer
  • 1000 ml water tank
  • 3–8 h working time until refill
  • Сoverage area: bis 3 m²
  • Cooling power: 100–350 W (340–1200 BTU/h)
  • Volumetric flow rate: 79,2 m³/h
  • Noise level: 25–45 dB
  • Energy consumption: 10 W
  • Power supply: 220 V or USB (5 V, 2 A)
  • Size: 180x180x182 mm
  • Weight: 1270 g
  • Model no. EV-1500