model SELECT: EUR 379,-
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Classic Plus

model Classic Plus: EUR 299,-
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model Classic: EUR 269,-
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The ECOMAT heating appliances are among the most innovative and reliable on the market..

No fire risk

In contrast with normal fan heaters the Ecomat 2000 operates with ceramic heating elements. The temperature always lies below the flashpoint of paper and other solid materials. Which is why the appliance can run day and night and even be used as a frost monitor.

Power requirement from 450 Watt - can be plugged in anywhere

Many camp sites and boat moorings or marinas only supply 500 W. Not a problem with the Ecomat 2000! If you have paid a flat rate charge, you can even heat for free.

Automatic switch-off

Whether in the children's bedroom or on the yacht at gale force 8, whether tipped over or covered, the Classic Plus and Select appliances automatically turn themselves off if necessary.

Heat like that from a tiled stove

Whisper-quiet and operational right down to - 20°C. The PTC heating coil produces pleasant convection heat and does not dry the air out.

Safe operation right down to -20°C thanks to high-quality ball bearing fan!